I’m not gonna make it easy for you
All those lessons
that you’ll have to learn
I’m gonna make you feel like a fool
All those mistakes
that you’ll have to make

You’ll have to figure it all out by yourself

Something’s calling out, from far away
You know it yet you can’t hear it

Or is it just something you want to believe in?
a reason you hold on to, to give your journey a meaning?
What if all of this is for nothing?
What if there isn’t anything or anyone wanting for you to reach?
There really is no telling

But you’re already here
So bear with it
Like I said, I won’t make it easy for you
Take a chance, a faithful leap
It will grant you something
An action for a reaction
A grab for a possession
A prayer for an open passage

An effort for a reward

It’s okay
There’s always a way


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