A Search

What am I made of?
elements shrinking and expanding like stars in the galaxy
reactions coming to exist, atoms vibrating and shaking
chemicals of colors indefinite, hues tinting and shading
energy that keeps my heart beating, liquefying and densing

Breathing, singing a song
that doesn’t stop until the other side calls
forms a soundwave that travels
across the sizeless universe

Hearing tones from the meeting of components
Sensing the air that wraps my body like a blanket
Tasting every sensation
Smelling every odor
Feeling evey emotion
every matter and particle

To discover what is true
as I live and breathe
To find what I’ll lose
what I’m meant to do

Millions of years before
the planets found their paths and started to revolve
Now my feet are stepping further from the shore
with ships in the distance sailing for a love longed-for

I am…
in a generation that’s lost
that’s looking to follow a figure
idolized celebrities and their cons
fiery preachers and liquid truths
politics to faults
hellbound broken youth
aiming for a headshot

Problems embedded in measures, cloaked by hopeful proverbs
We’re surrounded
firmly grounded
in a certain system

Everyone everywhere in motion
Ever-moving, restless
Little children with their school hassles
Rebellious blood on the streets burning with passion
Mothers with sweats dripping down their aging faces
From the tiniest of structures, to the grandest of mountains
Sparkling buildings as the sun sets down on the horizon
Crowded intersection even when midnight has fallen
Muffled noises behind every door in those apartments

Some minds are tangled and lost
Some hearts are far from home
Dreams sown in some heads…
are ripped to shreds

And here I am, with lots of questions
Nonexistent to the rest of the world

I want to trace my fingers on ancient walls
step my boots on foreign stones
and hope by finding the world
I’d find my purpose

What I’m made of
would it be enough?
Do I have what it takes to finally get the answers I’m searching for?
Am I strong enough?
Smart enough?
Capable enough?
Before my time comes…
I don’t know where to look, just aimlessly moving forward
I wonder,
I wonder about a lot, and I feel helpless


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