To Mars

taking off
wings of steel

dreaming of
certain glory

trail of smoke
from the engine

blood rushing
defying gravity
friction, electricity
sparks blazing
pierce the atmosphere

your head aches
doesn’t matter
you’re almost there
where no man has landed

little red globe
hides the largest volcano
our next step into the unknown



Bright full moon
Sparkling ocean
My joyful laugh
Fades to a whisper

Finger on my lips
Don’t wake the sleeping
A pair of silent feet

Soft sand buries my toes
Waves rocking a docked boat

Jumping to reach up high
Starry sky
The wind brings the smell of home
A warm pillow

I’m running
And I let out my playful laugh

Two Strays

Name your feelings

Identify them as madness

Your beating heart bleeding

Overloaded with aggression


The ground shifts beneath your feet

The air thickens as you try to flee

Spoken rage but unheard of

A man trapped in this hellhole


Thief and liar

Filthy criminal

Born in a dumpster

Been looking everywhere for a cure

You stab yourself deep just to be sure

were you raised around the truth?


Day and night

Scavenging through leftovers

With teeth of a canine

Biting hope to satisfy your hunger


Grew up in this world

Little safety, broken order

Shots fired in the street

No rest for the wicked


Taking lives is easy

God knows how many you’ve killed

And here you are

Singing your little warrior to sleep

Kissing him good night

Anything you’d do and give

Any more soul you’d kill

Just for another year to raise him right


I don’t compose big words

My dictionary is simple

But I hope I can get my feeling across


Sitting with a sensation of beauty

My fingers are softly trembling

In solitude, and my eyes got teary

Every note vibrates with every cell in my body

Hearing the passionate cry of a symphony



Crafted with magic

And I’m in awe

Like a light that tears open the curtain of blindness


Just Being One Useless Piece of говно

Aahh… a rainy afternoon. Feels pretty nice and relaxing now that the heat’s gone and has been replaced by a cool and gentle air. It’s just me and a cup of hot sugar-free coffee, and most importantly, the internet. What a perfect afternoon indeed. Now where in this vast and deep universe of the internet can i go have an adventure to? YouTube perhaps?

Yes, yes. YouTube. What could possibly go wrong?

Scrolling, scrolling…

Oh hey, what’s this? A Russian song? Tri Poloski? You mean Adidas?

And then I clicked on the video.

And just like that, my day has become 100x better. Yes, yes. Cyka Blyat.