things gone wrong
thousands of heavy blows
you’re going for a freefall
a horde of broken bones

your ships sinking
your lights dying
your empire crumbling

businesses and brawls
decent hearts gone
took centuries to understand
when diamonds turn to sand

it was slow
your downfall
like a sleep dreamless

endless lies
conceited eyes
long before
satisfied ego

blood on your hands
hands that keep pointing fingers
overplayed concepts
concepts that annihilate innocents

this is who you’ve become
you are not fine

see your own reflection
this is what you wanted
this is your happiness


Dark Days

He walks during dark days. Upon glancing up, falls one feather. And then two. Six. Twenty. A hundred. These dark days are never ending. There is no sky as densely grey as the one above his head. Dead horses. Broken carriages. At the corner he turns. And there they are.

One day, the mad and the powerful meet. They both smile and share a laugh. A joyful, burdenless laugh. At exactly the same time, a man in exile is contemplating. What has he done wrong?

The woman in her sixties picks up a crying baby from inside a cardboard box. She smiles at him and gives him a gentle look. The baby stops crying. The woman then brings him home.

One card, a tap. The gate opens. She waits for the next arrival. Leaning on the dirty wall, she’s humming a folk song. Her home is not where she is going. Her home is too far away. Right now she’s just going to her shelter.

Some strange occurances have been taking place around the city of safety for the past few months. These occurances, some have reported, seem to be quite hostile. Three people were heavily affected by one incident that happened in an apartment where they live.

He keeps walking despite of what he’s seeing in front of him. A little boy, his body unmoving. He was pulled out of the rubble and is being carried by two men. An old woman in a distance is sobbing, her eyes deprived of light. All he can see is surrender. One photographer is taking pictures. She talks with a strong accent.

The strange occurances have stopped. Not because they want to, but because there is nothing left they can touch.

He looks up again. The falling feathers are gone. There is no sky as bright and soft as the one above him. The man in exile is now free. He left the world that has rejected him so many times. He left the world trying to fix itself, with the little help it has remaining. He left the world hanging.

A Happy Ending

Bleed the golden blood
Hit the floor hard

Spark within boundaries of the dark
Glow in spite of the ferocious barks
Break their fun
Turn their heads around and run

Run as they’re hissing at their own failures
Silver fangs tainted with red
Run and learn to endure
A happy ending you will finally get

The clouds are burning up there
Well, it’s not everyday you get to see
your own burial after this all ends
But well, at least your happy ending won’t happen here

It’s gonna be uhh.. far far away
Away from your dying homeland
But next to her
For once and forever together

My Cookie

I picked it up, was going to eat it

The tip of my tongue reached

And touched

Open wider, mouth!


And the sky collapsed

Screams everywhere, I ran

Earthquake, tsunami

The sun vanished, apocalypse


My cookie! Where did it go?

I shouted, and I was alone

Suddenly everything went dark

Couldn’t see, my cookie was gone


Under this kind of circumstance

What could I do? I am no genius

Instant eradication of the earth

Supernovas, evacuation to the next planet


We were engaged in a war

Between the light and the dark

We were the last survivors

Ran faster, shot higher, hide better


Two years later, and I missed my cookie

The war had ended, and I looked under ruins

With the hope of finding my precious

The mark of seconds before disaster



Two Wars

Stepped my feet and everything was a blur

On a muddy surface I landed

A sniper rifle, my finger on the trigger

One step and I was hidden behind a pillar


Ultra golden ray

Shooting through the rain

As my heartbeat got faster

Laser beams and rapid movements


Winged creatures and their weapons

It was one day they took over the earth

And the next day started war and hunger

And this is what humans had predicted




We were what still remained

After scattered populations ended their fates

And I was on my feet, dragging along my own illness

My scars were my own, and my blood wasn’t innocent


I was caught in two wars


The one that was inside,

and the one that was outside


After everything, I’m staring at my own darkness

From which my wings were created


I was one of the many who fought for their lives

Yet I was also one of the many who destroyed lives