Bright full moon
Sparkling ocean
My joyful laugh
Fades to a whisper

Finger on my lips
Don’t wake the sleeping
A pair of silent feet

Soft sand buries my toes
Waves rocking a docked boat

Jumping to reach up high
Starry sky
The wind brings the smell of home
A warm pillow

I’m running
And I let out my playful laugh



Enjoying this one little moment

Even just for a few seconds

A calm before the storm

Rise up wise and strong

Hugging this one little happiness

Even when the wave’s getting closer

Making myself stand up proud

Standing my ground

When I look back I can see my memories glowing and repeating themselves

But my reality is not in the past and I know I can’t keep torturing myself

This isn’t over, at least I’ve still got my sanity and I know I can still learn

To understand more just like how I always wanted to know how things work

Underneath the dark sky I stand alone

And although I do have people cheering for me,

they’re just the crowd from their own globes

I’m the main fighter in my own sphere

Your Beat

Roll the snare as you go on

Play with the sticks as they groove on

Hit hard, really hard

Pour out what’s in your heart

Do one cool fill

And show ’em the beat

Crash and bass

Today is gonna be a good day

The smell of summer on your hair

Dancing feet and nodding heads

With a giant smile on your face

You spread joy around this place

Let them hear your beat

Let them recognize it

They’ll always remember

This one moment that moves their world


The gate is locked
The wall has no door
Days rolling by so fast
Circumstances have hit you hard
When the sky is bright
Sometimes you wish for more
But the rains have made you realize
How many times you’ve said no
You’ve tried once
Not enough
While complications are piling up
You wonder how much you’ve got
But you have it inside
The power to revive
Through the infinite downfalls
Out of nothing you create all
Glowing ashes
Heat crawling up your skin
Spread your wings
Determined feet bearing your whole body
They don’t know now
But they will
How you rise from the ground
To be reborn, to unceasingly live

Where Is Safe?

I found joy in a place far away
A bond never to be replaced
Lonely feet gathered to rest
A sanctuary, a protected nest
But the wind had broken our fence
Eventually we had to face our end
Crushed from the outside
Rotten from the inside

I searched for a new home
The world is rough
A city of heartless souls
The kind ones are lost

During the day I collect leftovers
At nights I find a corner to cry
Breathe in as the memories return
Wherever I go I see what’s killing lives

Wherever I go
Tears are shed
Confusion grows
Desires clash

Old is what becomes of new
No matter how hard I think of it
Lives no longer possess values
Lies are used to fulfill one’s needs
Smiles are only shown to earn money
Happiness is not purchased freely

I searched for a place
Somewhere safe
Breathe in breathe out
But it is nowhere to be found