We’ve been here before
Our bare feet on this soil
With our ship tethered on the shore
And our anthem sung in the cold

Who we were
Written in the stars
Through ages
Remember who we are

Drowned in hallways of time
Our promises, hopes, and fire
Our sacrifices
How they’ve been forgotten

Who we were
Heroes who don’t matter
Erased by the time
Among millions of lies

Ashes rained on this ground
Scattered bones won’t be found
Silenced dreams nobody shouts

We are here in the present
Thousands of years had passed
With our ship we sail through ages
Our anthem forever echoes in the sky


For Our Country

The kings treacherous
Invincible vikings
Feel the ground burning

Bless us, mankind
Blood spilled for victory
In winter those soldiers died
On motherland they kneeled

When hearts go weary
Ill and rotten within
The powerful will speak
And we’ll march forward
With a desperate battlecry

In order to protect
One will slay
They hereby declare
By and by we always pay

Do not think too much of it
We’re at the bottom of the caste
Whom nobody will hear
Whose arrows are handmade

The people subservient
Invisible suffering
Feel the earth crying

Our Nation, Our History, Our Stories

We realize
that with our mouths sealed
eyes shut and no belief
we wouldn’t stand a chance
so we grew braver
whisper comfort to the frightened
hold the hands of those who are fallen
We are shaped by many stories
colored by pain and grief
but the universe sing to us
when we rise

This is a story of a young dreamer
a lost seeker
a curious believer
a mourning father
a lonely sister

from a dream
into a word
from the bottom of the pit
to the dome that shields a better world

the doctors
soldiers who weep
the builders
preachers who pray in tears
the writers
teachers who never sleep
the leaders
children who laugh lightly

With our weary feet
we create history
From the land of poverty
to the nation of prosperity

The Last of Them

An owl observing the night

White feathers blended well with the snow

Unspoken and unheard desires

The cracks on wheel of time have made a hole

Sealed lips and clenched jaws

Distorted memories creating invisible scars

Buried hidden are emotions raw

Broken legacies have left them numb

No more good fortune for the rotten souls

It’s too late anyway

Stains of crimson colored the thick snow

No more hope anyway

Once an empire now a ruin

History kept inside the remaining minds

Dead dreams creating scars deep

Nocturnal creatures taking over the last light


A white dress I’m wearing
Through a dark corridor I’m walking
With only a candle to light my path
On the sides are paintings that seal history

Is it a dream?
No don’t close your eyes
There, towards the tiny glint
Trust your feet to be your guide

I hear whispers from inside the walls
They’re telling me to go back

No, don’t listen and ignore
Grab your faith and don’t go back

Should I follow?
Yes, follow

The whispers, they’re deafening
They’re warning me

The warnings are the monsters
They’re meant to be your obstacles

I shiver, it’s getting colder
As if it’s a big sign from the whispers

The ground is beneath
The ceiling is trapping
Yes, to the door, my dear
your feet will finally lead you here