Bright full moon
Sparkling ocean
My joyful laugh
Fades to a whisper

Finger on my lips
Don’t wake the sleeping
A pair of silent feet

Soft sand buries my toes
Waves rocking a docked boat

Jumping to reach up high
Starry sky
The wind brings the smell of home
A warm pillow

I’m running
And I let out my playful laugh


I write letters in black
Ink from my heart
I create stories that last
Forever in places dark
Losing my grip and slide down
Like a waterfall
Making my words said out loud
Like a lion’s roar

And you’ll finally glance at me
Just when I’m about to sing
My voice will not be shaking
The world will be the audience cheering

Rivers flow through the cracks in my heart
Volcanoes erupt whenever i’ve had enough
My hands are holding a dying bird
That will rise again as my thoughts are finally heard

I’ll free myself away
I’ll break the wall to embrace the day

They’ll Remember

Listen to the ringing of the bell

Red ribbon hanging from the top

On the ground are dried leaves that fell

My hand is holding on the wooden rod

Humming a tune I’ve heard from years ago

Spinning around on my bare feet

Gravitating towards the reason why I should go

Hopping around playing with the wind

The sunlight is warm and I want to run

The air is cool and I’m not done

The trees are recording the choices I’m making

They’ll always know, remember the time I’m here

I’ll go to where the wind goes

I’ll find a pack where I belong

The bell is repeating what I’m saying

Red ribbon is lying among the leaves

More Than Here

Be still my beating heart
Out in the dark
A pair of eyes glowing
Under the canopy of big leaves

Crickets making noises
All around me
My heel in the cold water
They’re approaching

Rustle rustle
Out of the bushes
Curious round ears
A happy tail
Oh you little beast
Challenging me fierce

Here, here
Your striped paw
Traces of wet soil
The hunts you saw

Did you know?
You have cousins out there in the wild savanna
Have you ever tasted water so salty and chased away a group of flamingoes?
Brush away the leaves and up there you’ll see stars

Little beast
I’ve seen much more than what you can find in this forest
But here,
At this lakeside we’ll meet again
When you’re big enough
To understand all the bitter knowledge
And the beauty that they keep

It’s Alright

Let me put down my glasses

And breathe the salty air

A short hour of sunset golden

Weighs flying away

Ah, autumn

Leaves rustle

The melody of our hearts

Going softer, slower

Walking down the sand white

Bare feet

Lay down your suffering

For now, everything’s alright

As the shadows take over

The light knows

It will be the darkness’ turn

The water will be its mirror

But it’s alright

Let the sun rest

Make way for the night

Until the dawn brings a new day