Bright full moon
Sparkling ocean
My joyful laugh
Fades to a whisper

Finger on my lips
Don’t wake the sleeping
A pair of silent feet

Soft sand buries my toes
Waves rocking a docked boat

Jumping to reach up high
Starry sky
The wind brings the smell of home
A warm pillow

I’m running
And I let out my playful laugh


It’s Alright

Let me put down my glasses

And breathe the salty air

A short hour of sunset golden

Weighs flying away

Ah, autumn

Leaves rustle

The melody of our hearts

Going softer, slower

Walking down the sand white

Bare feet

Lay down your suffering

For now, everything’s alright

As the shadows take over

The light knows

It will be the darkness’ turn

The water will be its mirror

But it’s alright

Let the sun rest

Make way for the night

Until the dawn brings a new day

At Last

Your boots on the black sand
A tear dropped and you fell
On your knees
On your weary knees

Hitting your body
Making it hard to see
The rain
The gale
Behind you left your ship
Abandoned on the raging sea

After a long journey
Days, weeks, burning skin
Months, fighting your fear

Sheathe your sword
For those times have now gone

Spread the news like a wild fire
Here you’ve arrived
Dear the long lost hero,
now you’re home


Take their breaths away
Your emotions are of a diver
Beneath the depths you play
Through the darkness you mean to discover
Like a dancer walking through the curtain
You can always be brave on the real stage
Fueled by adrenaline pumping in a rhythm

That’s how you make them see you shine
Use wisely what you find inside
And draw the most genuine lines
Sing your heart out under the spotlight

Smile to reveal your dignity
But keep your walls standing
The walls that protect your mysteries
An ocean with limitless hidden gifts

Cue the music
Let’s start the show
Be proud, lion of glory
Spark and paralyze them all

Define Me

I shatter my mind into pieces
To forget my own weaknesses
I desensitize myself every moment
To block all the hurtful words

Five is fun and seven is holy
Nine is strong and three is funny
All I want to do is to scream
And one more time, to feel

Everyday I imagine of the ocean
At night, the full moon is silver
And the salty air, the boats and waves
Who is the lost seafarer, far far away?

This is me being completely honest
Everyday every month every year
People telling me things and I tell them
jokes, all the complains, endless of them
Don’t want to keep asking
Or assuming
Or wondering
I am on a small dot on the map
Worrying and waiting and living
I am in a small house on a polluted land
Questioning and trying to create something
Something, anything that can define me