For Our Country

The kings treacherous
Invincible vikings
Feel the ground burning

Bless us, mankind
Blood spilled for victory
In winter those soldiers died
On motherland they kneeled

When hearts go weary
Ill and rotten within
The powerful will speak
And we’ll march forward
With a desperate battlecry

In order to protect
One will slay
They hereby declare
By and by we always pay

Do not think too much of it
We’re at the bottom of the caste
Whom nobody will hear
Whose arrows are handmade

The people subservient
Invisible suffering
Feel the earth crying



Crazy, crazy, crazy
He paints his mind with ink
It makes the world keep wondering
Who is he?
Lonely, lonely, lonely
He drills the earth with his feet
He doesn’t care if the sky is raging
His mission is to keep digging
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy
Tired eyes with expression of steel
He doesn’t want to admit or give in
There’s always something to be revealed
Red, blue, and green
He paints his home with ink
His sadness with blue deep
His happiness with orange sweet
Purple, magenta, and pink
He’s still looking for something indefinite
Something so white that he needs to see
So he can paint it with his ink

And it still makes the world wonder
How does one person decide which color
to mark the undefined in his own universe?
Sometimes it also makes himself wonder
But his ink always manages to fill in the questions
He paints his heart with ink of judgement
Everything he sees he put on it a color
Who is he and why paint with colors?
But you see, he’s not the only one who’s a painter
You can find another painter when you look at a mirror


A journey no one has ever witnessed
That he’s been keeping as his secret
Lightyears away from ordinary universe
Now looking back to the very first

It has been so long and exhausting
Through bursts of joy and rain of tears
A lot of hugs and silence and conflicts
Every move resulted in change of stability

Can things still be any better?
He’s feeling tired, weak and restless

In the end,
he really needs some rest

Heart rate slow
Body so sore
He knows
People grow old
Quietly hopes
That the door will be gently closed

At the right timing
In total peace
With perfect relief



For a long time
Stuck onto the shadows under the sky
It’s been a while
Since these eyes last saw waves of light

Now to the sun
And the silhouettes in a distance far
Hungry for paradise
With my two friends nearby

It’s much easier to tell what we’ve seen
When we know they were there for real
Every detail that she spotted
And every wonder I soon noticed

Under the canopy of trees old
And the heat made us sweat hot
We grew to find our amazement bright
Not caring with the people passing by

This moment is never to be replaced
For it is not born every single day
Greatness that we often overlook
But they’re always there for sure

Do people actually care?

Do I care?

Or do I actually have a hidden motive?

But, what is that hidden motive?

Is it inside my unconsciousness,

Trapped, invisible, insensible,

But banging and screaming loudly?

I’m never sure if I genuinely care or not

Are you ever sure?

I don’t know if evil is actually who I am

Or evil is just one of human’s basic natures

Do you often question what you actually feel?

Cause I do. Almost all the time

Do I feel angry? Or scared?

Happy, or frustrated?

Do I care? Or do I just want to look like I care?

Am I genuine? Or am I not?

I’m never sure of my real intention

It’s most likely my real intention is not what I think it is

I don’t know

Or do you?