things gone wrong
thousands of heavy blows
you’re going for a freefall
a horde of broken bones

your ships sinking
your lights dying
your empire crumbling

businesses and brawls
decent hearts gone
took centuries to understand
when diamonds turn to sand

it was slow
your downfall
like a sleep dreamless

endless lies
conceited eyes
long before
satisfied ego

blood on your hands
hands that keep pointing fingers
overplayed concepts
concepts that annihilate innocents

this is who you’ve become
you are not fine

see your own reflection
this is what you wanted
this is your happiness


For Our Country

The kings treacherous
Invincible vikings
Feel the ground burning

Bless us, mankind
Blood spilled for victory
In winter those soldiers died
On motherland they kneeled

When hearts go weary
Ill and rotten within
The powerful will speak
And we’ll march forward
With a desperate battlecry

In order to protect
One will slay
They hereby declare
By and by we always pay

Do not think too much of it
We’re at the bottom of the caste
Whom nobody will hear
Whose arrows are handmade

The people subservient
Invisible suffering
Feel the earth crying