Two Strays

Name your feelings

Identify them as madness

Your beating heart bleeding

Overloaded with aggression


The ground shifts beneath your feet

The air thickens as you try to flee

Spoken rage but unheard of

A man trapped in this hellhole


Thief and liar

Filthy criminal

Born in a dumpster

Been looking everywhere for a cure

You stab yourself deep just to be sure

were you raised around the truth?


Day and night

Scavenging through leftovers

With teeth of a canine

Biting hope to satisfy your hunger


Grew up in this world

Little safety, broken order

Shots fired in the street

No rest for the wicked


Taking lives is easy

God knows how many you’ve killed

And here you are

Singing your little warrior to sleep

Kissing him good night

Anything you’d do and give

Any more soul you’d kill

Just for another year to raise him right



​They are wrong

And we are right

Of course

Because of what they are

We know the best

We know what’s good

They’re not correct

They don’t know the truth

Because they’re not us

They don’t have what we have

Our minds

Our hearts

Our eyes

Our lives

So of course,

They’re wrong

We talk about them

All those bad terms

Like they’re worthless

Because they’re outsiders

And outsiders are never welcome

They are to stay outside

Away from us

Different and ignorant

Will never understand us

They are wrong

And we are always right

Because of course,

We are gods

Where Is Safe?

I found joy in a place far away
A bond never to be replaced
Lonely feet gathered to rest
A sanctuary, a protected nest
But the wind had broken our fence
Eventually we had to face our end
Crushed from the outside
Rotten from the inside

I searched for a new home
The world is rough
A city of heartless souls
The kind ones are lost

During the day I collect leftovers
At nights I find a corner to cry
Breathe in as the memories return
Wherever I go I see what’s killing lives

Wherever I go
Tears are shed
Confusion grows
Desires clash

Old is what becomes of new
No matter how hard I think of it
Lives no longer possess values
Lies are used to fulfill one’s needs
Smiles are only shown to earn money
Happiness is not purchased freely

I searched for a place
Somewhere safe
Breathe in breathe out
But it is nowhere to be found

The Power I Hold

I know how to end the world
Forever shall be never

Woken up in the deepest
Where glows fade to hollow
Nothing gets out or in
River of darkness kept beneath

I climb up
Through the cracks in your hearts

My forms have multiplied
Whispers and shadows at nights
Devour the light
Set free the cry

Here at last
On this dying land

Start from the core particle
Spread wide through selfish dreams
Infectious virus
Hopeless society

A Gigantic Network

Dark befriended light for one reason
Searching for joy ends in cruelty
Memories built by two hands together
Broken is an animal lost and lonely
Children start to question and wonder
Stories told through links of electricity
Fingers fluttered fast to deliver letters
Songs sung wild to keep minds in harmony

From one wheel to the other
Forming one giant system
Working in a steady rhythm
Spinning forever