To Mars

taking off
wings of steel

dreaming of
certain glory

trail of smoke
from the engine

blood rushing
defying gravity
friction, electricity
sparks blazing
pierce the atmosphere

your head aches
doesn’t matter
you’re almost there
where no man has landed

little red globe
hides the largest volcano
our next step into the unknown


There’s No Going Back

Walking towards the sun

Breathing the remaining air

Am I going down or up?

Flying rocks won’t provide a way

Passing by what I think are asteroids

Floating in zero gravity

Home is left behind in the past

Light years away I’ve traveled

Towards the space vast

With no heat inside the dark matter

I miss their sounds

I need to hear a voice not mine

Colors are rare without solid ground

I need to hear a voice not in my mind

I’ve gone far far away from home

It’s hard to say if I’d go back now, right?

But I want my life to return to how it was before

Maybe I’ll just shut up now and close my eyes

After all, no door can be found in this darkness

I can’t just run in case the space swallows me

I smile as one memory emerges

I was a boy staring at the bedroom ceiling

“Pull up your blanket now, little astronaut.

The sun will rise again tomorrow.”

Like A Slow Mo

Clashing stars make my heart pause

Like a slow mo

Within a range of time uncountable

Breaking all windows

Pour glowing powder all around me

Keep the darkness here, surrounding me

And I’ll create a new galaxy

In one instant click

To the landlords of old homes

My creation will make your hearts pause

Like a slow mo

Within a range of time only I can count

I’ll make the biggest star you will ever know

In the middle of the night

I stumbled upon a lost spirit

Whose haunting flames were lit

On the side of an empty road

Wandering and looking for hope

Cold mist and the pale moon

I wish there wasn’t any open wound

But he and she haven’t met their closure

I saw him curling up on the sidewalk

She was dancing with passion in hollow

I was in between, not a tied link

They were just separated a little bit

By a road with lurking souls

She was inside a bright house

And he was there across

But they seemed to be blinded

Not able to find each other

So who can be the link, then?

Will they be like this till the end?

Would they gaze at the road,

just for a second, to look at beyond,

beyond me and the moonbeam,

and the lingering but rotten dreams?


In the middle of the night,


I was the time and space

The existing concept without a face

A missing detail unshaped

Only then you would dare

To understand me and fight my flare

A transparent flare I carry with me

To fence the dead and the living

A borderline to separate the two worlds

Till you can figure out how to merge them