I don't know what got into me
Maybe an evil entity or something
Am I lonely? No, not really
I've got friends whom I can laugh with
So why am I so angry?
Angry at something,
or at someone, I can't figure out
Only at these times that my emotions got out
I let them be seen, I let my guard down
Just hoping no one had found out

Do I need therapy?
Probably, I guess I'll admit it
But then again I'll never know for sure
If I need a cure
Or if I can still endure

I'm the most useless
My ego wrapped me like a blanket
While I'm being all angry and wishing for life to be easier
Someone out there desperately needs a hand to grab on
Or they simply need a shoulder
to lean on
to cry on

Does a simple "sorry" still count?
But I guess an immediate action to help around
is what matters
We're currently not together
We are still in cages
All with each of our differences
Hoping? Waiting?
How about doing?
Or breaking?
Not complaining
And definitely not being angry

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