That Voice We All Have Heard

I'm haunted every night
The same voice, it's alive
Its origin unknown and it likes
to crawl through my spine
Telling me that I'm dead inside
Laughing at my every right
"There's nowhere to hide"
"You're on the edge of the line"
"Why don't you end your life?"
My bones, shatter
My body, shudder
My heart, tremble

Curse sweeps even the tiniest corner
When I ask myself, the voice answers
The first time I recognized my name
It blossomed with identity shaped
like a shadow
like a death row

Inside its influence I got caught
Without a second thought
I don't even bother to say no anymore
For it has taken complete control

Maybe I'm crazy
But who fucking cares

I'm so self-centered enough already
That I've gone blind to my surroundings

Hey this will never be finished
Words are limited
If I go on, it will take forever
If I stop, well, it will never matter



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